Now living my wildest dreams!

Now living my wildest dreams!

That's me on the right, my brother is on the left

That's me on the right, my brother is on the left

Friday, April 3, 2009

Rene Porcile here to share a little bit about my journey towards Health and Wealth through personal development.

I don’t know you personally, but I know something about you...

that is, you are doing the very best you can with what you have to work with. I would even say, you are working diligently to make your life better. How do I know this, because it’s a healthy approach to life and most people are on this path.
However, back in my teenage years, it seemed I was not on this path at all. Because, I was a long hair hippy kind of person, you know - into sex, drugs and rock and roll. I didn’t have any real,
meaningful goals and was going no-where FAST. I lived within 5 miles of downtown Los Angeles, in a below average neighborhood. After high school I had about 10 different jobs: clerk, printers assistant, luggage delivery person, box boy, photography lab helper, auto mechanic and technician. 

Then at age 22, I began studying spiritual teachings, which gave me new eyes and a new lease on life! I began to see myself as a creator. 
I understood I could create for good or for ill. So, I began to change 
my inner vision and my inner dialogue. I stopped using negative language and stopped hanging around friends with poverty conscience. I attended CSULA and graduated at age 32, with a Bachelors degree in electrical engineering. 

I couldn’t find an engineering job, so I went into selling office copiers. 
I visited companies door to door for about 3 years. I developed many sales skills during this time. Then, at age 35 I landed an advertising sales position with a local newspaper in which I was very successful and started earning upwards of $100k per year by age 38.

I married at age 35 and by 38 I had two beautiful baby girls. My wife wanted to lose some of those extra pounds, but nothing seemed to work. Then she tried Herbalife and she lost 52 lbs. in 3 months and we were both happily surprised! Then, we found out that Herbalife was also a business opportunity and we signed up. 

We started the business very part time and by the end our first year we made an extra $25k. My wife quit her job to work from home full time and to take care of our girls at the same time. She became very successful with Herbalife and I continued on a part time bases. Then, by the end of our fifth year, 1999, our income exploded to over $150k per year. I quit my successful position, and for the first time in our life's we were experiencing both FINANCIAL and TIME FREEDOM! AHHH, it was like our lives got a breath of fresh air, and a whole new chapter in our lives began.

Remember, I was a person with no vision, broke and sinking quickly into the abyss of failure, but now I am a person enjoying the finer things in life. Why? Well, there are many reasons, but one reason for sure was that - I believed WITH ALL MY HEART that by increasing my value as a person I could be of more service to more people and thereby increase my abundance and prosperity. Looking back at it, it seems impossible all that has happened, in all the ways my life has transformed. But all I can say is - it sure was worth every second of it. Attend all the trainings you can, and remember "We're going to be a day older whether we like it or not, so might as well, make it as productive and joyful as possible."

Well the days, months and years have passed and now in 2009 our income has reached beyond our widest expectations! Our future and retirement years look more secure, joyful and profitable than ever. I have an enormous gratitude for all the blessings in my life and give thanks to GOD and the wonderful HERBALIFE OPPORTUNITY.

Attract more of what you want.


Together we can improve lives, 

Rene Porcile

Achievements represent top 1% of Distributors. For generally expected earnings, see the Statement of Average Gross Compensation at

More on personal development 


1) Love yourself, so you can be able to love others.
2) Let your goals be your boss. Believe in yourself and your plan.
3) Be consistent. Develop a 90-day plan and stay with it everyday.
4) Use the law of attraction. Which states that whatever you think about "consistently with feelings" --- will help to bring the right people and circumstances to help you achieve your challenges and goals. 
5) Hang around like-minded people. Find new support groups, company, friends, etc., do whatever it take to surround yourself with positive, goal-orientated and success driven people.

Three favorite quotes:


   ~ Mahatma Gandhi:

“Our life depends on the perfection of our talents and abilities.” 
Unknown author

The main reason for Herbalife's success: their products.

 Herbalife products are a blend of advanced bio-available nutrition technology and nature. These products offer a variety of benefits for those pursuing improved health and well-being, in a convenient and delicious dietary option. They are not just a tasty snack with a few vitamins included. Rather, they are made with potent Chinese herbs that offer the highest nutritional value, while still maintaining a great taste. Those who use Herbalife products love not only the convenience and how flavorful they are, but also how they help provide essential nutrients critical for anyone pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

Herbalife products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. However, when the body receives complete nutrition that is needed at the cellular level, amazing positive results can and do occur. The Herbalife products are designed to help people look and feel their very best and stay that way! 
Check it out for yourself.

Now is the time where all possibilities exist. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow will be 
a carry over from today.

Believing in all the best results for you,

Rene Porcile

Achievements represent top 1% of Distributors. 
For generally expected earnings, see the 
Statement of Average Gross Compensation at


  1. Don't you feel bad scamming people to make your living?

    1. If giving people a healthy way of life, and giving them an opportunity to make an income is a scam... then i don't know what would you call some mooooore evil things.
      I've lost 63 kilos and my life changed all the way. If i will not make a dime in my Herbalife business starting today (wixh is quite ok thank you :)), it still worth every sip of shake.
      So why don't you find a Herbalife wellness cach around you and ask him/her to make you a shake and tell you what s Herbalife really about.

  2. Healthy? HLF products have a lot of processed sugar in them. Not good. The only weight loss is in people's wallets and bank accounts.

    The FTC confirmed that Herbalife is a fraud. Making fraudulent income and product claims. That's why Herbalife is forking over 200 million to the FTC.

  3. This guy is a shameful criminal who leads people to financial ruin.